In order to handnle emergency cases, emergentology specialist will keep permanent presence, 24/7.


Emergency Medicine

What is emergentology?

Emergentology is a primary medical practice, that provides more inclusive and effective treatment to the emergency patient. In order to improve the effect of medical treatment on an emergency patient, is to provide a quick access to care and appropriate emergency treatment. For this to be capable, organized and systematic first aid system is needed, completed by an organic combination of medical science and social structure. Situated at the center of these procedures, is the department of Emergentology.

While the modern medical science’s development is gradually getting fractionized and modernized, a side effect, which cannot diagnose each patient synthetically, deepen. It’s a shame that the loss of a human life often happened during the therapeutic decision of priority and procedures about patients with various diseases got delayed. Suggested as an alternative to establish the social security system, the field of Emergentology is founded and developed from the United States after the 70s.

As for South Korea, marking 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Seoul Olympics as a momentum, people were searching for a special medical unit to be prepared in emergency situations while running the competition. This is when the government and the medical community started paying attention to emergency care. 1989 December, Korean Emergency Medical Association has been established. Since 1990s, people started to establish nation-wide first aid systems and as western emergency medicine has been introduced in the earnest, through the first test of specialist in 1996, Emergentology speicialists has been produced. After series of mass casualty incidents in the mid 90s, a national need of a systematic first aid system grew fast. Till this day, Emergentology have developed fastly under the full support of the government.

Emergentology’s department on duty

Orthopedics, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, ob/gyn, urology, ophthalmology, dentistry

Primary surgical procedures

Procedures related to CPR, tracheal intubation and various prodecures to free the airway, for airway management and treat respiratory failure.

There isn’t really a special procedure that only emergentology specialist could do. But we usually perform many procedures with other clinical departments. Due to the nature of an emergency room, in many cases quick and accurate procedure is needed to severe case patients such as cardioplegy, septic shock. And since a lot of the minor procedures in other clinical departments are performed by emergentology specialist, when it comes to treating an emergency patient, it is crucial for an emergentology specialist to perform skilled minor procedures.

  • 01Procedures related to CPR : chest compression, tracheal intubation, defibrillation, percutem pacemaking, injection inside the bone lacuna
  • 02For stabilization of a critical patient at an early stage, central vein cannulation is needed
  • 03Tracheal intubation and various prodecures to free the airway, for airway management and treat respiratory failure.
  • 04Thoracostomy(test tube insertion)
  • 05And other minor procedures.
  • 06Examination procedure