We will dedicate our best efforts to gain recognition on patient’s safety and medical service’s excellencey

Central Hospital would like to remain as a comfortable, consistent neighbor to all.

Central Hospital is putting our utmost effort towards patient’s health improvement, and the nation’s medical advancement.
We promise the best medical service through constant change and innovation, and become a trusted medical institution to local residents.
Central Hospital has received ‘The 3rd Medical Institution Certification mark’ from The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, for the excellence in medical service qualities and patient safety management.
Our aim is not only to expand medical professional, preemptively provide and run advanced equipments and differentiated medical services through medium and long-term business strategies in Siheung regions, but also take a leap as one of the Big 4 hospitals in Gyeonggi Southwest region.
We are committed to becoming the happiest and trustful hospital.

Central Hospital would like to remain as a comfortable, consistent neighbor to all. We will always work hard to become a model to other medical teams by listening, humbly accepting the teachings and reprimands from our patients.
All employees will unite with one accord, to improve as a trusted hospital of this society that grows up with the medical profession, through communicating and cooperating while putting their heart and soul into caring patients.
By keeping a round-the-clock next to our patients, we will become the best doctors who put human health and respect in life into practice by exterminating diseases.
Thank you.
Seok Gyeong Medical Foundation Central Hospital President(Chief director)Seong Dae Yeong