The Central Hospital’s Dentistry provides state of the art medical devices, the best equipment, and the top medical service.



What is Dentistry?

Based on the studies and medical treatments when working at the university hospital, Central Hospital Dentist medical team is always ready to provide patients high quality university hospital leveled medical treatments by the collaboration of a prosthetist and conversation specialist. \Also with state of the art medical devices, we diagnose and consider each patient’s diseases completely. As we use the best equipments for the fast recovery of the patient, we promise to provide you the best medical services.

Dentist is one of the medical department that treats diseases related to teeth and oral cavity. It is also known as the Department of Dentistry. In Central Hospital Dentist, we provide such professional medical treatments for improvement of tooth function and aesthetics.

  • 01Produce both ordinary and specialized artificial teeth for edentulous jaw patients.
  • 02Dental implant and dental prosthesis treatment for patients with their teeth destroyed.
  • 03For aesthetic purposes of the anterior, aesthetic prosthesis and dental bleaching
  • 04Extraction of impacted third molar, and horizontally impacted tooth which causes pain buried inside patient’s jawbone.
  • 05Operative restoration(cavity/endodontic) treatment in order to cure dental caries
  • 06Produce devices for joint pain improvement.