We treat diseases that occurs in organs that generates and releases hormones at the human body.



What is Endocrinology?

The Department of Endocrinology is in charge of diagnosis and treatment of diseases that outbreaks in organs that generates and releases hormones at the human body, such as pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, suprarenal gland, pancreas.

Since the elevation of living standard and medical advance, it not only results in the growing number of the elderly, but also increases endocrinology disease patients like obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis in all age groups. If you’re experiencing noticeable weight loss or weight gain, edema in the neck, and chronic fatigue, treatment from a specialist is needed.

Primary medical practice field

  • 01Thyroid (gland)

    - Diseases caused by thyroid dysfunction like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, is mostly treatable by drug treatments. In case of thyroid nodule, we may perform cytoscopy for cancer diagnosis. As most thyroid cancer patient’s long-term survival rates are high, we also keep our patients as an outpatient and track, observe the recurrence status for life.

  • 02Diabetes

    - This disease outbreaks when the pancreas is having a problem at secreting an insulin, and as a result the body lacks of insulin. Once occurred, in order to adjust blood sugar levels and various complications, medication and insulin treatment is needed for life.

  • 03Hyperlipidemia

    - As it causes hardening of the arteries at systemic vascular, it may lead to complications such as a stroke(apoplexy) or cardiac infarction. So it is important to proceed dietary therapy, exercise prescription, and medication simultaneously after early diagnosis.

  • 04Hyperpituitarism(functional disorder)

    - The pituitary gland makes hormones that are essential to life conservation and various metabolism-mediation. Depending on its functional disorder, it occurs various hormonal malfunction or diseases caused by hormonal overproduction.

  • 05Osteoporosis

    - Besides the treatment and diagnosis of osteoporosis, we are also in charge of bone metabolic disease and parathyroid function(calcium metabolism control) disorder related disease such as osteomalacia.

Primary Examinations

Basic hormone test, postprandial / fasting blood sugar test, oral glucose tolerance test, bone mineral density, thyroid ultrasonography and cytoscopy