About Central Hospital?

  • 011. The largest general hospital in Siheung, with the scale of 400 hospital beds

    Central Hospital opened at June of 2007, under the founding philosophy of contribution in human’s healthy and happy life by providing the best medical environment and care service. As a hospital that pursues patient-centered care, we always think of our patients as a family. With total floor area of 13,302m, the 9 floors above ground and one underground scaled main building and the 6 floors above ground scaled annex building are connected together. We possess 400 hospital beds, 5 operating rooms, intensive care unit(ICU), and Children Intensive Care Ward.

  • 02Fractionized Departments and Centers

    We are currently treating: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Dentistry, Radiology, Urology, Anesthesiology.

    As for specialized centers we are currently running: Internal Medicine specialized center(by each division), Cardiovascular Center, Fine Spinal Disk Center, Microwrist Center, Comprehensive Medical Examination Center, Endoscopy Center, Coloanal Center, Laparoscopy Center, Artificial Kidney Center, Breast·Thyroid Gland Center.

  • 03High-tech medical devices

    We’ve especially brought in university hospital level high-tech medical devices such as : Electronic Medical Record(EMR), Order Communication System(OCS), 1.5T MRI, CT, Spinal Decompression treatment machine, Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL), Picture Archiving Communication System(PACS)

    Central Hospital’s artificial joint center has been designated as the U.S. FDA. approved Arthroplastic Surgery Robot ‘Robodoc’’s training center. Our artificial joint center use accurate and deliberate 3D simulations on artificial joint surgeries. 3D OCT, an Ophthalmology device that diagnoses glaucoma and other retinal diseases at one sight, is an useful device that prevents blindness caused by retinal diseases.

  • 04An eligible hospital for Shihwa / Ansan Industrial Complex

    As we operate both Industrial⦁Environmental Medicine Research Institute and Comprehensive Medical Examination Center, we are fully set to accept industrial complex’s various demands, starting from general, special screening to industrial environment measurement.
    With these high-tech medical devices and great medical teams, we also tried to adopt hotel-styled interior designs and build the sky garden that leads us outside, all for the patient’s emotional stability and psychotherapy

  • 05Runs the optimum Comprehensive Nursing Care Ward in Ansan, and Siheung

    Central Hospital is a designated hospital by the National Health Insurance Corporation to run a Comprehensive Nursing Care Ward.

    We promote a patient-centered, pleasant and safe ward environment as our nurse practitioner work force provide a systematic nursing service 24/7.
    In order to reduce the burden of nursing fees of Comprehensive Nursing Care Ward’s patients and carers, and for the stabilization of the carers livelihood towards nursing, Central hospital employees will always work alongside you.

Mission & Vision

The best general hospital that puts human health and respect in life into practice by exterminating diseases.

Taking a leap as one of the Big 4 hospitals in Gyeonggi Southwest region

Main values

  • Patient-centered We provide the best medical environment that gives hope to patients.
  • Creative Spirit With promising spirit and an attitude of challenging itself, we create the future.
  • Community Service As we carry the obligation to territory, we should volunteer actively for the left out.

Central Hospital CI

Management Philosophy
Under the possession of the community spirit ‘Together’, Central Hospital should provide the best medical services with both proud and responsibility, that they’re contributing to national health improvement and national welfare enhancement.