Information on International Medical Center

  • Under the goal of spreading excellent medical services beyond Korea to the world, the new International Medical Center provides personalized ONE STOP services such as counseling for foreign patients, interpretation services, and continuous follow-up management.
  • We provides medical services to patients in China, Vietnam, Mongolia, etc., and has a complete system after internal system maintenance.

Business Introduction

  • AOutpatient consultation and appointment
    The International Exchange Center is a medical center for foreigners that provides medical counseling services for foreigners visiting this hospital regardless of nationality, age, race, and culture.
  • BGeneral examination consultation and reservation
    Various health examination programs are implemented to suit individual situations, including important diseases that commonly occur by age group. For the convenience of examiners, the best professional medical staff is in charge of the comprehensive examination at our hospital, and we have state-of-the-art professional medical equipment for accurate and rapid examination. You can receive the results by providing interpretation services during the foreigner examination.

Business introduction

  • 01Operating hours
    Saturday :8:30~12~30
    Sunday, public holiday : day off
  • 02Contact Us :
  • 03Center location : he first floor of the main building

Available Services

The International Medical Cooperation Center coordinator will accompany you throughout the course of the treatment. (Free interpretation support)

During inpatient treatment, the coordinator of the International Medical Center does not interfere with communication during hospitalization I'll help you.

Medical consultation → Medical appointment → Visiting an international medical center → Outpatient treatment → Examination → Receipt of medical treatment and examination fees → Medical appointment → Return home

Inpatient consultation → Medical appointment reservation → Visiting the International Medical Center → Outpatient treatment → Hospitalization → Inspection, procedures and surgery → discharge → settlement of discharge costs and issuance of insurance claims