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Department of Urology

What is Urology?

Many think of ‘Urology’ as a far apart department with woman, and only related to man’s venereal disease treatment. But the department of Urology actually has a very wide range of medical and surgical treatment about diseases in the urinary and genital system of both man and woman.

Urology is a department that treats diseases that occurs at the urinary system including the kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra, which produces, stores, and discharges urine from all men, women, and children. And also treat disease of the retroperitoneal cavity that is involved in sexual and reproductive function like testicles, epididymis, deferent duct, prostate, seminal vesicles, penis, and other adrenal glands

The detailed field we manage to increase patient satisfaction are : congenital urinary tract anomaly(hydrocelia, cryptorchism, hypospadia etc.) and genital malformation, orchiopathy and scrotum disease, neurogenic bladder, nocturnal enuresis, urinary tract infection, pediatric urinary tumor, urinary stone, prostatism, female urinary incontinence, urological oncology(kidney, adrenal, ureter, prostate, testicle, urethra, penis), micturition disorder, male infertility, sexual dysfunction, endoscopic and laparoscopic operation. We also perform male reconstructive operation(penis enlargement, vasectomy, remove foreign material-vaseline from the genital) too.

For the patient’s comfort and convenient treatments, we’ve retained state of the art medical devices such as Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL), urodynamics system etc. By this we are able to provide wide and depth treatment, and are ready for all kinds of operations related to urinary stone.

Operation Department of Urology performs

Prostatomegaly operation : High-tech plasma vaporization

The plasma vaporization of prostate is an operation that removes the hypertrophic prostate tissues that have been causing the bladder outlet’s blockade by using the plasma, which only gives minor damage to the tissues.
Central Hospital’s Department of Urology performs plasma vaporization of prostate after spinal anesthesia. The operation takes about 1 hour ~ 1 hour 30 minutes. When the operation is done, the patient should use a catheter for 2~7 days. Operations using the plasma, are very effective and safe.

- Pros of plasma vaporization of prostate[state of the art prostatomegaly operation]

  • Fast removal of hypertrophic prostate tissues
  • High effectiveness with short operation time
  • Minimizing symptoms such as dysuria by minimizing the tissue edema