For accurate diagnosis of the patient, we roentgenologist decipher the results.


Department of Radiology

What is Radiology?

In 1895 November 8th, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovers the X-ray and names it ‘X-radiation’, which is still used at the department of Radiology. After the discovery, he noticed that when the human body is penetrated through the X-ray, we could see the inner structures of the human body. On this basis, plain roentgenography has contributed in the Radiology department’s treatment and diagnosis for about 50 years, as the only technique that could provide the human body’s inner image.

Radiology is a the department that was known as a x-ray department to the general public in the old days. We not only perform roentgenography, but also use electromagnetic field, sonogram to diagnose and treat a disease.

Of course there may be slight differences between hospitals and medical institutions, but it is very rare for a radiologist to directly meet the patient or guardian, except for the case of tissue biopsy or an interventional procedure. In TV dramas and movies, you can often see internal medicine or surgeons explaining to patients, guardians about simple radiographs and special images. Actually, the diagnosis and treatment of the patient is decided by a conference between clinician and radiologist.

In other words, what the patient or guardians hear from the clinicians is actually a diagnosis decisively consulted by a radiologist’s decipher of the image results.