We anesthesiologists keep permanent presence when operation, for emergency response.


Department of Anesthesia Pain Medicine

What is Anesthesiology?

After researching the patient’s rate of consciousness, change in the cardiovascular system, respiration state, body temperature change, exercise function at the recovery room, the department of Anesthesiology keeps in track of the patient’s change until you recover from anesthesia. We are also in charge of many roles in pain management of patients with painful disorders.

Contrary to popular belief that an anesthesiologist only performs surgical anaesthesia, we actually do lots of things. First, we identify the patient in a medical point of view in advance of the operation, solve danger factors that might outbreak during the operation. Not only do we handle surgical changes during the operation, we also manage changes caused by other factors, make sure the patient keeps their best condition.

An anaesthetised patient before surgery, cannot do anything on your own. So us anesthesiologists monitor all patient’s conditions, immediately deal and manage problems under any circumstances by checking these things: Is the patient supplied with enough oxygen? Is the administered oxygen appropriately allocated into the patient’s body? Is the patient’s body obtaining an appropriate amount of blood? Are there too much bleeding while the operation is performed? Is the patient maintaining appropriate blood pressure? Is the patient’s heart beating normally? Is the surgeon doing his best on the operation?, Is the patient’s operation environment pleasant? Are there any possibilities of complications after the surgery? etc.