The first, one and only Care Hospital in Siheung-si

Central Hospital is the first hospital in Siheung-si that run together both acute medicine and chronic medicine.

We provide the best medical treatment through systematic multidisciplinary approach.

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Medical Course

Rehabilitation Treatment Center

Central Care Hospital’s Rehabilitation Treatment Center provides differentiated service.

  • 01Kinesitherapy

    - We apply different Kinesitherapy programs patient by patient, depending on the physiatrist’s diagnosis.

  • 02Occupational Therapy

    - We help patients with physical, cognitive impairment lead a healthy and happy life through therapeutic activities such as, making them process their daily routines independent as possible and play an active role in social life.

  • 03Pain Treatment

    - Through various diagnosis, we find out the exact cause of the pain. And adapt simultaneous treatment from various complement remedies such as manual therapy, electrotherapy, Injection therapy, which will make continuous reduce of pain.

  • 04Speech Therapy

    - Speech Therapy program uses overall diagnosis and estimation ⦁ consultation results to understand the patient’s current linguistic ability and characteristics. By applying a professional diagnosis evaluation system, we provide customized Individual treatment programs.