A specialized medicine targets to prevent, diagnose, cure, and rehabilitation of job correlation diseases


Department of Occupational Environmental Medicine

What is Occupational and Environmental Medicine?

As one of the fields in specialized medicine, the department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine aims to prevent, diagnose, cure, rehabilitate patients with occupation diseases, which is occurred to workplace workers. We provide medical treatment and research in order to maintain the worker’s safety from various harmful factor(noise, particles, organic compounds, heavy metals) exposure at the workplace.

Special Medical Examination Center

Worker Medical Inspections

Special Medical Examination team located at the main building, is constituted with 2 traveling medical inspection teams and one floor medical inspection team. This team proceeds health inspections such as workers periodical health diagnoses based on the industrial Safety and Health Act(general, special, before placement etc.) and all kinds of medical examination for the issue of license, hygiene sector workers medical examination, special medical examination for public officials(general, fire-fighting, police etc.) .

  • 문의 031) 8041-3636, 3032

Contents of our tasks

General Health Check - Health Insurance Corporation’s general health screening
- Student health check
- eneral health check based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act’s enforcement article 100, paragraph 1
- Medical examination for the issue of license
Special Health Check - Special medical examination (for fixed terms)
- Medical examination before placement
- Medical examination on occasional calls
- Temporary health examination
Tasks for outpatients - Business compatibility evaluation
- Task correlation evaluation
- Occupational disease related medical certificate
- Medical certificate in English
Vaccination - Vaccination of influenza and many more

Vicarious Businesses

About vicarious health Service

According to the industrial Safety and Health Act, for efficient implementation of the business owner’s obligation to the health care of Workplace with 50 or more full-time workers, occupational health institution should provide guidance·support about workplace health care tasks to medium and small sized workplace.

  • Health Protection

    Reduce of disease susceptibility, for disabled person, less medical expenses, reduces the loss of working days

  • Health Care

    Task environmental management, task management, employee health care, health education and consultation, health improvement campaign

  • Disease Prevention

    Reduce of absenteeism rate per capita, productivity improvement

  • Productivity enhancement

    (return corporate profits)

Specialized vicarious health Service

  • This laboratory is now operating a systematic internal management and workplace management. With specialized vicarious manpower(doctor, nurse, industrial hygienist) based on long experience and expertise, we guide prevention and education of task correlation diseases such as musculoskeletal disorder, brain cardiovascular disease, and job stress etc.
  • We provide overall health services like worker’s occupational disease prevention and health care, harmful substance management and functional management of local ventilation system at the workplace, by conjugating both outstanding professional manpower and facilities such as work environment measurement, health examination, blood and chemical analysis and etc.

Detailed informations about our tasks

  • Walk-around inspection and guidance of the workplace
  • A follow-up management depending on the results of work environment measurement
  • A follow-up management after medical examination results
  • Investigation of the source of occupational disease and establish a countermeasure
  • Health consultation
  • Environment hygiene management
  • Selection of protective gears and guidance of wearing it
  • Health education for employees and managers
  • Operation method guidance
  • Attend in Occupational Safety and Health Committee
  • Industrial health information management
  • And other industrial health consultant

Regular home visiting health guidance

  • More than 100 people : doctor – once a quarter, nurse – once every month, industrial hygiene engineer – once bi-monthly
  • Less than 100 people : doctor – once a half year, nurse – once every month, industrial hygiene engineer – once a quarter

Measurement tasks

In purpose of work environment measurement

It is proceed in order to measure, analyze, examine the density of noxious factors occurs at the workplace such as noise, particles, metallic and organic compounds. This measurement is to prevent health disorders caused by noxious factors and manage them in a safe density.

Work environment measurement processing order

  • 01An establishment requests to this laboratory

    - Tel : 031)8041-3933
    - Fax : 031)8041-3949

  • 02

    - Execute working environment measurement[based on Industrial Safety and Health Act article 42]

  • 03Analyze specimen and draw up a written report

  • 04Notify 2 copies of working environment measurement results

    - - For company storage
    - - For submission to Ministry of Labor

  • 05Storage and submission

    - - 1 copy of company storage(for 5 years)
    - - 1 copy of submission to Ministry of Labor

Where can I measure my work environment?

For a high quality of working environment measurement, it is important to choose a institution with outstanding features with working environment measurement and analyzing skills, manpower, the credibility of the measurement results, installation equipment’s efficiency, other various matters and etc.

Thanks to specialized services, Central Hospital’s industrial environment medical science research institute (former, Korea University environment medical science research institute industrial health center) is capable of immediately responding to various customer’s requirements. So if you have any request of advice or matters for inquiry about your company’s task environmental management, please give us a call. We will provide sincere responses.