For a healthier senescence


Department of Geriatrics


Geratology is in charge of senile disorders such as dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

  • 01Specialist in exclusive charge of the facility system established

    - - A specialist who commutes to the facility, only for the long-term care receiver elders

  • 02Efficient use of emergency medical center

    - Medical visit service by a specialist in exclusive charge, emergency treatment available for aged bedridden patients

    - Emergency medical specialist

  • 03Runs a joint care that provides private-care level

    - Elderly patients and caregiver in the ratio of 2.5:1 or 3:1

  • 04Operating a Comprehensive Nursing Care Ward

    - Operating a Comprehensive Nursing Care Ward

  • 05Easy and fast administrative service

    - Long-term care classification criteria written opinion, medical care assistance extension approval application form, additional drug prescription etc.

    - Internet submission of long-term care classification criteria written opinion available, separate request needed(Department of Inpatient Affairs)

Current status of arrangement between longterm care facilities

No. Sorted as Hospitals agreed of cooperation 주소 전화번호
1 이송구축 센트럴요양병원 여기에 주소가 들어갑니다. 000-000-0000