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The understanding of breast biopsy


The EnCor breast biopsy machine not only can it collect an sufficient amount of breast tissue needed for a diagnosis of breast cancer without surgery, but it can also remove abnormal lesions like cyst and lumps without making large scars.Dr. Steve H. Parker (US, The developer of Mammotome) who developed the early state of breast biopsy machine, has recently developed a breast biopsy machine with 3rd generation and new concept, by improving the existing equipment’s weaknesses in an innovative way.

Pros of EnCor® Breast biopsy machine

  • 01With just one needle insertion, it easily removes multiple abnormal lesions(lump, cyst)
  • 02By local anesthesia, we reduce the physical and mental pain caused by the procedure.
  • 03This biopsy is as accurate as getting a surgical operation.
  • 04Since there’s no need of suture, almost no scars are left.
  • 05When removing the tissues, the internal sharp blade of the probe rotates left and right, cutting the affected part clean. It also shortens the recovery period by minimizing wounds on the normal tissues.(Minimizes hematoma formation by reducing internal bleeding)
  • 06The Tri-Concave Tip is easily inserted because of low tissue resistance when inserting the probe. It also reduces the internal wounds created at the tissues.
  • 07EnCor Breast biopsy machine has a Half-sampling function, which only opens half of the specimen collecting space. As there are no need to exscind normal tissues, it is very efficient when removing lump or cyst under 1cm size. (Even though the affected area is small, the existing product had to open a 2cm bore, creating an unnecessarily removal of normal tissues)
  • 08Thanks to EnCor Breast biopsy machine’s increased insertion and cutting force, automatic rotation program, tissue collection chamber selection, the overall operation time has dramatically improved. It also shortened the patient’s recovery period by reducing the bleeding.


Method of procedure

Surgical incision method EnCor procedure
Size of the incision 2cm~6cm 0.3cm
Degree of anesthesia General or local anesthesia Partial anesthesia
Mean operation time 1~2Hours (operated in opretating room) 15~20Minutes (usually the case of opertation in Outpatient room)
scar Suture scars may exist The scar is mere, barely visible
Wounded area treatment Needs suturing with a stitching fiber Band-aid is used

Procedure FAQ

Q. Is the procedure painful?

A. You may feel a bit of a pressure when inserting the needle, but there won’t be a real of a pain in the breast. Even after the anesthesia wears off, there won’t be much pain.

Q. Does it leave scars? Are there aftereffects when I undergo EnCor procedure?

A. Since Enco is capable of a surgery with only small incision of 0.3cm or less, it hardly leaves a scar. With no need of suture just put on a band-aid, and you’re ready to leave the hospital after the surgery. In a very rare occasion, you might see some bruising on the breast after the surgery. But this will disappear spontaneously within 2-3 weeks.

Q. How long is the recovery period?

A. Since this procedure is ideal for a day surgery you won’t feel any problems in your daily life, but you should avoid intense exercise for about one week.

Management after procedure

  • Avoid immediate self-driving after the procedure and rest for 1 hour.
  • For at least one day after the procedure, you should avoid things that require intense upper body movements.
  • Remove the chest elastic bandage 1~2 days after the surgery. A simple shower is available from then.
  • Mange the wounded area by disinfecting it every 1~2 days, until the wound has healed.


The principles behind EnCor procedure

  • 01

    First, place the EnCor probe on the lesion site by watching the sonogram, put on vacuum system in order to make the tissues enter the probe.
  • 02

    The internal blades of the probe rotates left and right, exscinding the lesion tissues that have entered. Then the removed tissues moves into the tissue collection chamber.
  • 03

    The collection may repeat for several times, depending on the size and location of the lesion tissues. And when the procedure finishes, we remove the EnCor probe and put a band-aid on it.

Medical Team

  • 한주영

    Chief of the Endocrinology department

    Han Juyeong


    Diabetes, thyroid (gland), hyperlipidemia(hypercholesterolemia), osteoporosis, obesity, metabolic syndrome, adrenopathy, secondary hypertension, and other endocrinopathies

  • 이성하

    Head of Department of Surgery

    Lee Seongha


    Breast, thyroid, varicose vein, gallbladder, appendicitis, burn, dermatopathy(abscess), external wound

  • 홍윤화

    Cheif of Department of Surgery

    Hong Yunhwa


    Colon, anus, hernia, gallbladder, appendicitis, burn, dermatopathy(abscess), external wound