What is Home Nursing system?

It is an inpatient replacement service system according to the doctor's prescriptions, if your experiencing difficulties in moving or need continuous treatment and nursing even after discharge, a home nursing specialist visits the patient's home and provide treatment, care in need,.


Home Nursing System

Home professional nurse

A professional nurse with many years of clinical experience, and has received a family nurse certificate from the Ministry of Health and Welfare after completing the Home Nursing Graduate school curriculum.

Merits of using a home nursing

  • Patients who are unable to visit the hospital due to mobility difficulties can also receive necessary treatment and care at home.
  • As the treatment is performed at the patient’s home, the patient feels psychological stability, and can also maintain a normal family life.
  • Expanses of hospitalization and outpatient treatment can be reduced.

Subject who needs home nursing system and service details

  • 01aner patient, palliative care patient

    - Nutritional supplement therapy

    - Pain management

    - Various tube management : Central venous catheter, bile drainage tube, and other drainage tubes

    - Management of anticancer drug administration devices

    - Blood test

    - Monitoring terminal cancer patient’s condition, symptom management, and provide emotional support

  • 02Patients with cerebrovascular, respiratory disease, and other injuries that makes the patient difficult to move

  • 03Patients who need special nursing care

    - Gavage, tracheostomy tube, indwelling catheter, cystostomy, artificial entrostomy, bedsore treatment, and the case of using other special equipments, exchange, treatment and education.

  • 04Patients who are discharged early after surgery, and who needs home care

  • 05Patients that has been requested home nursing by the physician

Visitation to region

Within 20km from the Central Hospital, internal and external regions that takes 30 minutes by one-way. Siheung, Ansan, Incheon Metropolitan City, some areas in Gyeonggi-do province


Home nursing expenses : basic home nursing visiting fee + service charge depending of the treatment(treatment/material cost)

  • Basic home nursing visiting fee

    Health insurance (20%), rare/severe·incurable disease(10%), caner patient (5%)

  • Service charge depending of the treatment(treatment/material cost)

    Standard medical charge of National Health Insurance, applied differently by hospital divisions(departments)

How to apply / Pay deposit

How to request service

  • 01Inpatients: request by consultation with your doctor or nurse.
  • 02Outpatients : request through the physician in charge, during outpatient treatment.
  • 03If you need continuous home care, request through your physician in charge during outpatient treatment in a period of 3 months.

Pay deposit

Send wire transfer with the patient’s name on it.

Account Number

Woo Ri Bank : 1005-380-011851 (Account holder : Seok Gyeong Medical Foundation)


We deliver it to your family when home visiting.

Home Nursing Center : 031-8041-3541

Medical Team

  • 김지영

    Chief of the Department of Geratology

    Kim Jiyeong


    Senile disorders, prevent metabolic syndrome, chronic pain clinic, brain function improvement, immunity intensification and etc.