According to the related laws in order to protect the participant’s rights, safety, welfare, we installed the Institutional Review Board(a.k.a IRB) that is independently operated under Medical corporation Seok Gyeong Medical Foundation Central Hospital Clinical Trial Center’s chairman(head of organization or chief director). Our hospital try to proceed every human subjected and human-derived researches proper to the international standards of GCP(International Conference on Harmonisation - Good Clinical Practice, ICH GCP). We aim to contribute in protection and welfare promotion of the rights, dignity, safety, peace in every clinical trial or human subjected research participants. For a trial that observes of instructions in research ethics, we provide researchers about necessary informations and make them get prior approval from the IRB.


Institutional Review Board

Missions of IRB

Under the International Conference on Harmonisation(ICH), Korea Good Clinical Practice(KGCP), laws related to bioethics and safety based on the Declaration of Helsinki, we plan to promote every participant’s rights, safety, welfare who are participating in human subjected, human-derived researches and increase the reliability of the research.

IRB Organization chart

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